About Us

About Us

The owner Lou Rindner created Lous Bonsai LLC in 1998


One of the first full time bonsai nursery to be on the internet. Close to 20 years in the business has created a wonderful relationship with the customers we service.  We also drop ship for many bonsai companies as well as presently attend, the Sarasota Farmers Market and Phillippe Famers market in Sarasota.  We also attend the Dearborn Famers market in Englewood Florida.

"The most important aspect of our company is that we stand by every order."

If the order has any issue we ask that you call us immediately to fix. Never have we asked for a return of any product. We want to fix that matter and that can mean a free reship of a product.

"In every box are two pieces of paper."

One is detailed growing instructions. Detailed on care of your tree. Our business information is on the sheet as well. The 2nd paper is our business information and feedback sheet so we can get a clear understanding of the experience.

"We ask that you call us the day the tree arrives."

to go over any question or concerns.  We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm EST. Saturday 930am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. We are located in SW florida

We highly recommend that you create an account so that we can offer past buyers deals not available to the public nor our website. Its our way of saying thank you.

Bonsai (盆栽, “plant tray”)  is a Japanese art form using trees grown in containers.

Similar practices exist in other cultures, including the Chinese tradition of penzai or penjing from which the art originated, and the miniature living landscapes of Vietnamese hòn non bộ. The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years.

Meet the Staff

Brenda: Heads entire shipping dept and creates a great deal of bonsai for our events. Brenda joined us in 2015 and is the backbone of our company. She has trained well over 35 staff during her time on shipping methods that we are so proud of. Just a small note. She has twins and one was accepted to Navy Acadamy and other one, she will be attending FGCU.  Congrats.

Sheryl: Master bonsai 2021 voted in and has been with Lousbonsai since 2001. Sheryl is the asst to the manager in shipping and trains staff in new trees and training methods as well as instructs staff in quality control and can be seen at Sarasota Farmers Market on Saturdays year round. Sheryl son is a Golf Pro in Venice Florida and continues to be one of the top teaching pros in Florida

Angie: Voted 2021 bonsai master award. Most of our specimen trees are created by Angie as well as the owner of the nursery.  Angie is involed in our events. She manages all of our farmers market, and trains new staff at all the events all year long. Angie also offers lessons at the nursery and all the events

Capt. Greg: Our technology partner.  After 20yrs of our bonsai nursery on the internet, Greg has created our brand new easy to work on line websites.  If you ever needed a great web master Greg has an extensive background and we thank him for his hard work.

Goose: Manages all website text, information and images.  He Works very hard on all aspects of the internet webite including working with our Google rep . 

Austin and Carter: Both head the nursery care of trees, inventory as well as the presentation of our nursery. They both work hard keeping the nursery looking professional and have been with the nursery now 6 years. 

Sophia: Sophia is our shi tzu and is our mascot.  8yrs old she can be found stealing treats from the staff and hiding her treats around the nursery.  Sophia can also be found at events keeping us laughing and feeding her. 

Jonathan: Owner of LLC l & J nursery.  He manages all of our orders from different sites such as Etsy and Amazon and many other sties. Jonathan started in 2015 and has expanded to shipping all over the USA.  He hosts many variety of bonsai trees and supplies.  Top seller on many major sites. Check out his site.  L & J nursery is an smaller company that joined us two years ago and extremely talented

Jordan:  Jordan has been with the company finances.  With a Masters in Finance he oversees all operations related to our business.  He also just was accepted to PA school for 2022 and will be mised in July.

Megan:  Just hired to oversee all marketing and internet operations.  Megan comes to our company via marriyng Jonathan and with her high level of marketing has been simply a blessing in many ways. 

Heather:  Heather joined us 5 years ago and over sees both Carter and Austin in keeping the nursery looking professional.  Please note she belongs on the Voice as she is an amazing singer and hear her many times singing in the nursery which we all encourage.

Jack:  Just hired in May, jack is now overseeing the entire shipping deptartment. He can be found overseeing the entire department and enjoys coming in early and leaving last at the nursery.  Great hire

James:  James who worked for us from 2015 trhu 2020 has rejoined us. James does all the work no one wants to do and loves doing it. You can hear his name always being called out, hey James can you help.

Lexi:  Hired in 2022 and head our financial division.  Lexi role heads our nursery for all financial matters.  What a god send.

Justin: Justin is back. After 13yrs away he has agreed to come back part time. Contracting our nursery and helping us not only work on trees but helping us expand the nursery. 


We are a family owned company.  All of us are family at lousbonsai.com