Large Flowering Weeping Cherry 5 Bonsai Tree By Lousbonsai


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Amazing tree. Flowers all over the tree and weeping. Hard to find like this. Pink and white flowers. Indoor tree. Needs fertilizer and humidity tray. Blooms 3x a year weeks at a time.
Just bloom now and fruiting at the same time.

Height: 10-13 inches tall

Age: 8 years old.

Flowers: Pink and Yellow. Both at same time.

Fruit. Cherries will be produced after flowering ends.

Level: Beginner

Location: Near window

About the tree. Comes in a glazed pot. Dwarf Cherry would rather be wet then dry. Near window or put in shade. Does not like direct sun. We supply a large number of nurseries around the country thus you are dealing directly with a wholesaler. We recommend indoors 4-6 feet away from a window or if you want to bring it outside please keep in shade. The tree has green leaves followed by flowers and then fruit. tips which adds to color all year round. Great talk piece.

Watering: Likes to be wet to semi wet

Fertilizer: Purchase our green up fertilizer. Once a month you will fertilize the tree.

Humidity tray: This tray we recommend you purchase from us as it captures water from the pot and allows moisture around the tree. It also keeps watering consistent every time when you do water.
We have approximately 18 of these in stock exactly like what you see . We promise to pick one exactly like this one in the image. Total satisfaction we assure you. We will try to send you one with flowers and cherries on them. Some may be ready to flower and fruit. Again see our feedback.

When the tree arrives contact us to review your tree and any concerns or questions.
Purchase Tray with Fertilizer in our our store.