Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree 15yrs old


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Tree: Imported Chinese Elm

Age: 15yrs old

Height; Approx 12-14 inches

Location: Indoors  or outdoor shady area and temps between 38-90

Level: Intermediate.

Water: 2-3x a week

Recommended tray and fertilizer

Watering - Like most bonsai trees, fukien tea like to be kept moist, but not soggy. Your ehretia microphylla will suffer if you let it soak or stand in water. Always use a fast draining bonsai soil for best results. You should never water your fukien tea bonsai by immersing the pot in water. If you keep your bonsai outdoors you should reduce watering slightly in the winter time.

Temperature - The fukien tea does not do well in extreme cold or areas with snow. Fukien tea bonsai can survive winters that go as low as 60 degrees fahrenheit and even occasional cold snaps of 40 degrees. Heat with this tree generally is not a concern if you keep it well watered. Features: It is a very good choice for indoor or outdoor bonsai with its shiny,
oval, dark-green leaves and small white flowers which can bloom all year if
given the right conditions. The Fukien Tea tree produces small berries which
gradually change from green to orange to red. If kept indoors, make sure the tree
gets enough sunlight, without setting too close to the window, where sunlight
can be amplified and burn the tree. If your tree does not receive the proper
amount of sunlight, your plant will not produce berries. Also, the more
sunlight your tree receives the smaller the leaves will grow.